LittleBits: Bringing out the Inventor in Everyone!

on Wednesday, 30 July 2014. Posted in TLC Blog

You don’t have to be an electronics expert to create fun and innovative electronic structures...

During the last three weeks of July, your friends at the TLC hosted a series of demonstrations and introduced our patrons, both young and old, to the fun and innovative world of “littleBits.”

For anyone who is unfamiliar with what littleBits are, they are small electronic mechanisms that come pre-assembled in tiny circuit boards that are put together simply by snapping small magnets together. 

Little Bits kit

They are easy to use and provide their users with endless possibilities.  Even if you have no knowledge of electronics and how they work, littleBits are a good tool for you, because they allows you to build simple structures and work your way up.  They make learning about electronics fun and accessible for both novice and advanced users.

The three programs took place in our Sea Isle City branch, Lower Township branch, and right here in the TLC.  It was truly amazing and impressive to see the level of interest that our patrons expressed in the program, and the creativity that they displayed through their various creations.  (I sure wish these were around when I was a kid!)



 Little Bits HQ       SIC Little Bits


 Little Bits HQ 1     Little Bits HQ 2          

 Little Bits fish      Lower Little Bits 1

 Little Bits Car      Little Bits HQ 5



The kids and adults both had a blast, and so did we!  It was a lot of fun to watch these creations come to life!

To learn more about littleBits, you can visit their website, or look for them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest!  (They are everywhere!!  )  

Feel free to visit us in the TLC and try littleBits for yourself! :)
Young or old... I am sure you will have a great time! J

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