Mission & Policy


The Technology Learning Center offers tools, technology, and personal assistance to help patrons accomplish any and all goals: creative, educational, or technological.

Appointment Policies


We will attempt to give walk-ins fifteen minutes of tech help based on staff availability. If the task seems too difficult or complex to be completed in fifteen minutes, we will schedule an appointment for the soonest time slot available. Please understand that although our staff may not have other patrons waiting, they handle a number of tasks beyond their tech help responsibilities. Unfortunately, in order to prevent abuse of our policies, we cannot schedule walk-ins for same-day appointments.

The exception to this rule is Walk-in Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, we attempt to give each patron 30 minutes of help when they come in without an appointment.

Scheduled appointments

Scheduled appointments fall into two categories:

Art, Software, Online Tutorial, & 3D Printer Appointments - These appointments are for use of our equipment and our staff may be busy with other tasks while you are here. If you would like staff assistance, please schedule a one-on-one appointment.

  • You may sign up to use our equipment or software for up to three hours at a time.
  • These appointments are for use of TLC software and “maker” equipment only.
  • You may sign up for up to five appointments each month.
  • On open "Maker" Days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) all equipment -- with the exception of the 3D printer -- is open for free creative use except when a patron has already scheduled an appointment to use the equipment.

One-on-one tech help and learning appointments

  • These appointments may last up to one hour. We schedule one-on-ones for Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.
  • We are very sorry, but due to scheduling constraints we may not guarantee a specific employee will be available to help you.
  • Same-day cancellations and missed appointments will still count toward each patron's monthly limit for one-on-one tech help. (The monthly limit is two hours.)

If you reach the end of the session, the TLC staff are required to schedule you for another session to finish the project. If the task cannot be stopped (as with virus scans) they will do their best to give you direction as to how to complete the task and be ready for another appointment or complete the fix. TLC staff members are not permitted to start such tasks with reasonable belief that they’ll run past the end of the session. Please understand our policies are designed to ensure the best service for all patrons of the library.