TLC Brings Robots and Records to Life

on Friday, 31 October 2014. Posted in TLC Blog

This week, members of the Technology Learning Center staff combined new and old technology to create something revolutionary.  With just a simple robot equipped and programmed using Lego Mindstorms EV3 software, they were able to create a working record player that produced sound with a simple paper cone. They took a simple robotics program and enabled it to re-introduce us to some of the earliest technology.

The TLC staff are fortunate enough to be able to have access to fun tech gadgets such as these on a daily basis.  Members of this department are learning new and exciting things each and every day, and look forward to sharing such things with our patrons.  Technology is truly amazing, and we hope to express that to you with each and every new creation that we concoct during our days at "work."

We hope to share more fun tech creations with you soon.  

robotic record player



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