Beginner Computer

Feeling like you've been left behind? Family members doing all your computing for you? Afraid you'll break it? Get over your fears and join the fun! You'll learn the absolute basics while gaining confidence in this workshop series.

You will start in My 1st Computer Class, where you will learn how to use the mouse with guided instruction on the Mouserobics website and mousing around. You'll also learn some important menu functions and keyboard shortcuts. Mastery of the mouse is required for admission into any other workshop, so if you don't know a scroll bar from a drop down menu or a radio button from a check box, this will help you sort things out.

To register for this or any TLC workshop, you must have a valid Cape May County library card. You must also register by telephone. Call 609-463-6341 to register for this event. If you have to leave voice mail, leave your name and telephone number and we will return your call. You can also click here to find the next scheduled time for this class.