TTW Events


 Libraries are for Making

{Monday} <March.9.2015>

Technology Learning Center Open House

We’re opening our doors for walk-in demos and fun of a technological nature!

Come hang out with the TLC! See our robots and the tech we offer!

{Tuesday} <March.10.2015>

Make an LED Light Box!

Come make your very own Silhouetted Light Box using a simple circuit and an LED!

{Wednesday} <March.11.2015>

Teen Game Night: Hijacked!

CMCH’s Teen Game Night is coming to Sea Isle with a bit of TLC flavor! Come play some of your favorite games from platforms of every era! We might even have some board games, too!

{Thursday} <March.12.2015>

Teen Game Night Takeover!

We’ll be at CMCH’s Teen Game Night, bringing whatever cool tech we can carry down! Our 3D printer and MakeyMakey retro gamestation will definitely be there!