Fun Family Sites for the Holidays!

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Ready or not, the Christmas season is upon us once again, with the days getting shorter and the air getting colder.  With small colored lights beginning to brighten the streets, Christmas trees sparkling through living room windows, stores filled with red and green, and young kids counting down the days until Santa makes his way down the chimney.  


This year, we wanted to try and do something to help get both you and the children in your lives excited for the holidays while still staying true to our inner (and outer) tech geeks!  We have compiled a list of fun Christmas sites that can be enjoyed by the whole family and help get the kids even more excited for Santa's arrival on Christmas eve!  Check them out!  We hope you like them as much as we do!   

To access each site, simply click on it's name! 



Portable North Pole

With this site, you can create a personalized video greeting for the special child or children in your life that will be delivered to them by Santa Claus himself!  All you have to do is submit a few photos and some basic information about each child that Santa would need to know and they will receive their video via e-mail.  This service is completely free and is sure to get any child excited for the Holidays!



Reindeer Cam

CCH Reindeer Cam

With this live action video feed, you and your kids can watch what Santa's reindeer are up to at the North Pole as they get themselves ready for their long voyage on Christmas Eve!  You can also get your child's name to appear on Santa's Nice List, which scrolls in the top of the video and at the bottom of the page!


NORAD Santa Tracker

CCH Norad
You and your kids can use this site on Christmas Eve to track Santa as he begins his voyage from the North Pole.  The kids will be excited to get to bed as they watch Santa get closer and closer tp delivering presents to your house!

CCH Northpole
This is a fun site for kids, parents, and teachers to explore.  With this site, kids can write letters to Santa, read Christmas stories and create personalized Christmas stories, play games and do other fun and festive holiday activities!  There are other features on the site for parents and teachers to use to help their kids learn basic skills while giving them a pleasant holiday experience!  

(**Please note that this site is not 100% free.  Some of the items are offered for a small fee!**)


This site has a lot of fun activities for kids to do to get them ready for the holidays!  They can select questions for Santa to answer through e-mail, find Christmas games, songs, and stories, track Santa's travels on Christmas Eve, see an up-to-date weather forecast for the North Pole, Read short biographies about Santa's reindeer and some of Santa's head elves, find out where they rank on the naughty or nice meter, and get on Santa's exclusive call and mail lists.  One of the coolest things about this site is that it lets kids live chat with one of Santa's elves (with parental supervision, of course).  By answering a few of the elf's questions, the kids can gain access to Santa's official good list ans see their name get added!


Email Santa

CCH emailSanta
This site is certainly not one of the most visually appealing, but it still has a lot of really fun things for kids to do to get ready for Christmas.  On this site, kids can write a letter to Santa or write a special letter to Rudolph for their pet, watch the "Santa Snooper" YouTube channel, check the naughty or nice list, read Santa's blog and tweets, find Christmas pictures to color, listen to Santa's elves read "The Night Before Christmas," and more!


This is an interactive and cartoon looking site that is easy for kids to navigate.  On this site, kids can countdown the days left until Santa comes, read news stories from the Polar Post, visit the North Pole Weather Station, sing along to songs by some of Santa's elves, go to Elf School, visit Santa's reindeer in the Reindeer Barn, and more!




  We hope that these sites will bring joy and lots of Christmas spirit in to your home as you and your children get ready for the holidays this year!  




Have a Very Merry Christmas!!
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And a Happy New Year!